babygirl tearsmy tears meant nothing to you. you brought to me to this world but now you turn against me. why? i am only a little child i understand your yelling and aggressivenes towards me. my heart is torn, broken unprotected. the one person who should cover me has exposed me to dangers. in the night you keep out cold and hungry. i am only a child who deserves nothing but love and care. you have turned your back on me. you lift your hands to hurt me and raise your voice to call me names. my eyes are swollen, my voice lost out of crying. with no fear you lash huge Cains on my small body. you spend more time gossiping other than caring for me. you laugh with them and laugh at me, you have forgotten i am your child i need you to need me. don’t watch my tears anymore wipe them. let me feel loved by you mum. this goes out to all the children who face the inhumanity of their parents. those who know of love, care, attention, protection, this goes out to every children hurting , every child in pain. it will be well. your tears are precious. you are more than a blessed child. let us spread the message of love and hope to this children.