it is the joy of every mother when they have successfully pushed their baby to this world and hear the first cry. it is a feeling that no one can explain. but what happens when baby stops crying and the mother taken to her ward assured of her baby’s health and well being only to be told later on that her baby is no more? the pain and confusion that engulfs the mother is similar or worse than her labor pain. how doe a baby go from being fine to lifeless? it is the dream of every mother to hold her baby in her arms and be the first one to kiss it and say the first words of love and wisdom. the dreams every parent has held out for her baby in a matter of seconds they all come crashing. do this babies really die or what goes on. because we have heard of sold babies. every mother thinks to her self my baby was going to be the best there as. all the words of love and knowledge she would impart in her baby and it all goes to the sub conscious mind because its just a dream that died before progress. i applaud the first lady of Kenya for the beyond zero campaign which has seen more mothers happy and live the dream. but for the life that was alive only in the womb that never happened what happens? the small baby running around, smiling, crying, talking booboo talk and the small tiny hug from the most precious and purest love/1109-newborn-baby-photographer