a real mani am not surprised that in the 21st century our houses have become Sodom and Gomorrah. we have forgotten the core values and principles that hold the family together. we are now training our little girls to be super divas and untouchable. our boys the kings of attention and drama. they are no longer responsible men.we have taught them that it is OK for them to run around and have a store full of women. they can refill and replenish the earth with children who have no one to be responsible. they have girls weeping and cursing to their last breaths. we have forgotten the boy child and praised the girl child. we have taught them to be respected and showed love but have forgotten to teach the boy child the same. we have let him wonder alone in the paths of life. but the only brave man is the one who goes beyond his thinking and respects the woman in his life.the one who builds character and not fame. because only character can measure the depth of a man.